Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m having an Emergency?

Do not use UrgentCare2Go if you think you are having an emergency. Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

What is

UrgentCare2Go is an On-Demand Mobile Urgent Care that delivers exceptional care at a time and location convenient to our patients via telemedicine. Our highly trained staff provide accurate diagnosis and treatment around the clock without you ever stepping out of your home or office environment. Most medical illnesses arise unexpectedly, we however are available to evaluate and treat you at the click of a button 24/7/365.

Scheduling A Visit

Sign up as a new patient on our website.

– Request a visit time and location and a professionally trained Medical Assistant will be dispatched to your confirmed location and time. UrgentCare2go is available 24/7.

– Your Medical Assistant will meet you at the selected time and location and we’ll have you back to your busy life asap.

We’re currently delivering care to patients in select area of Texas, but more locations are coming soon. Click the BookNow button and enter your Zip Code to check if we provide service in your area.

Yes, BUT All UrgentCare2go appointments are NON-Refundable. Please, be sure of the date and time of your availablity before confirming your appointment.

You can change your appointment for an additional charge of $49, only 24 hours before your appointment.

After which your appointment cannot be rescheduled. Your MA will wait for 15 minutes in the 3-Hour window assigned to you at the location you entered, after which your appointment will be marked as no show and cancelled without any refund. If you booked using insurance a total charge of $179 will be billed to your card on file.

Our MA’s have a three-hour window to arrive at your address. If you have concerns about your appointment time please call our team at 817-508-8169

Yes, during checkout you may add additional family members for an additional fee. We create a separate medical record for each person treated, regardless of who schedules and pays for the visit. If you are the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18, you must present a valid form of ID to our assistant.


Telemedicine involves a health care provider’s medical care delivered to patients physically located at sites other than where the provider is located, with the use of technology that allows the provider to communicate with and see and hear the patients in “real” time. We use our proprietary software and state of the art FDA approved equipment’s to perform a comprehensive physical exam.

UrgentCare2go and Texas Medical Board (TMB) share a common goal, which is to deliver quality and SAFE care to patients in the state of Texas. We have worked hard to define our workflow that is in compliant with the current rules and regulations of TMB. For more questions, please contact us at info@UrgentCare2go. You may also visit TMB website at$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=3&ti=22&pt=9

Our Services

UrgentCare2go is not a replacement for your primary doctor. However, we recognize that your doctor is busy and may not be able to see you right away when you’re sick or injured. That’s where we can help!

Texas Medical Board requires all patients, treated using telemedicine and Medical site presenter, to follow up with your primary care provider within 3 days of your visit with us, if your symptoms are not improving.

Yes. We treat most common illnesses and injuries in children over the age of 5. This includes: fever, ear infections, sore throat, cough, rashes, bumps and bruises, scrapes, etc. If our physician feels your child needs more specialized attention, we’ll refer you to an appropriate specialist.

We can electronically send your prescription to a pharmacy of your choice.

Our Medical Team

UrgentCare2go providers are board certified Physicians, and certified Medical Assistants, with a minimum of 2-3 years’ experience. All our clinical staff has been independently verified and credentialed to the highest standards to guarantee quality care at every visit.

Medical Assistants allow us to provide high quality care at a fair and affordable price. All our medical assistants are certified as required by TMB for telemedicine. In addition, just like any other urgent care our Medical Assistants are highly trained in preforming all necessary point of care diagnostic tests and providing on site treatment. All tasks assigned to MA’s are fully deemed to be within the scope of their practices.

Yes. Along with our Medical Assistants, every patient get the opportunity to see and talk to our Physicians through our new and state-of- the-art tele-medicine technology. So it’s like the physician is in your home or office! Physician can even listen to your heart, lung and abdomen by using digital stethoscope. He/she can also perform a through Ears, Noses, Throat, Eyes and Skin exam using high quality camera attachments.


You can pay with a credit card, Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account and you can change your payment method at any time. You’ll receive an email receipt for all charges, for your records. For the safety of our Medical Assistant’s we are completely a cashless organization.

At UrgentCare2go, we accept most major insurance plans including Medicare and Texas Medicaid using our billing company DK Physicians PLLC.

To check the most current list please go to insurance tab on Pricing

At UrgentCare2go we have completely open and transparent pricing. Unlike most healthcare organizations our prices are clearly listed on the website. We confirm payment before the services are rendered to avoid any miscommunication. So you will not receive any surprising outrageous medical bills.

One of our primary goal is to provide you with affordable care. That is the reason we only charge you for the services that you decide to use. Our prices are clearly outlined in the pricing section.

Our delivery menu is listed on our website and you won’t be charged for anything you don’t agree to. Additional services may be recommended during a visit, though. For example, if our MA or physicians recommends extra care or treatment which will be beneficial to you, you will have the option to agree to it or deny the recommendations.

Privacy and Security

Once your visit is scheduled, you’ll receive a link to your Medical Assistants profile. Where you can review their photos, credential and other important information. All UrgentCare2go’s assistants will arrive in a branded UrgentCare2go vehicle and will prominently display a UrgentCare2go ID badge. Ask for their credentials if you don’t see them!

We understand and acknowledge your hesitation and we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure both patient and provider safety. Please allow us the opportunity to show you how safe and terrific an experience this can be! All of our UrgentCare2go’s providers have undergone extensive background checks and verification of credentials, including criminal histories and driving records that can be found attached to their profile.

UrgentCare2go’s data is cloud-based, encrypted and very secure. Our communications are HIPAA compliant and we adhere to strict privacy and security protocols. No protected health information is stored locally on computers or mobile devices carried by providers. Medical records are stored in a cloud-based electronic medical record called eClinicalWorks. Visit to learn more.

Yes. You can access your medical records through our Patient Portal. Before your visit, you will receive an email inviting you to register and create a password. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to view your medical record and communicate with our providers through their encrypted email service.

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